The Posters of Paris 1968

The Vote Changes Nothing - The Struggle Continues

With the recent conclusion of elections from the US to Iraq, memories of a specific French poster circa 1968 kept coming to mind. The poster displayed the message: The Vote Changes Nothing - The Struggle Continues, and it was just one of hundreds of radical poster works created anonymously during the Parisian student/worker uprisings of 68.

The Atelier Populare was an autonomous print collective established when the main art school of Paris was occupied in a student strike. The students soon linked up with striking industrial workers, and the two forces jointly designed, printed, and distributed tens of thousands of posters that took center stage in the mass movement for social change. Those posters leapt the boundaries of geography and time to inspire artists around the world, myself included.

Partly due to the example set by the artists of the Atelier Populare, I created my own street art silkscreen prints beginning in the late 1970’s. To celebrate the legacy of the Atelier Populare, I’ve created a set of illustrated web pages where you can view twenty of the original images:

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