Woodcut Prints by Art Hazelwood

Hubris Corpulentus is a suite of woodcut prints by San Francisco painter and printmaker, Art Hazelwood. The satirical prints, observations of American imperial policy in Iraq, are on display for the month of April, 2006 at the Library Gallery of the University of Rhode Island - a state the artist boasts has “the lowest approval ratings for George W. of any State in the Union.” As part of the exhibit, the University of Rhode Island Center for the Humanities is sponsoring a panel discussion on April 6th, titled, Political Art: Timely and Timeless. The panel will feature guest artist Art Hazelwood, along with other luminaries from the world of art and academia. For details on the exhibit and the panel discussion, visit Hazelwood’s website, at: www.arthazelwood.com

And while you’re at Hazelwood’s site, take a look at his paintings and prints. Though we’ve never met face to face, Hazelwood and I have struck up an online friendship, sharing through our painting and printmaking - a mordant scrutiny of this American life.

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