The Art of Democracy Coalition

I received the following call for artists from organizers of the Art of Democracy Coalition. They are hoping to coordinate a series of national exhibitions across the United States in the fall of 2008, with the political landscape in America as the theme. I’m reprinting the coalition’s statement in part, and encouraging readers to find more details on the project at the coalition’s website:

THE ART OF DEMOCRACY is a National Coalition of Art Exhibitions on The State of the American Political Scene scheduled for the fall of 2008.

Leading up to the November 2008 national elections many artists from around the country will be making and starting to exhibit work that responds to the radical shift in politics and governmental policy in America that have come about in recent years. The Art of Democracy exhibition seeks to attract other individuals and artist organizations from around the nation to help amplify our messages of civil activism, reform, dissent, and protest. We aspire to bring together artists’ energies on a national scale. This is not a single show but an affiliation of shows.

At present, we are a coalition of artist groups from San Francisco, New York and Chicago. The Art of Democracy coalition and planned nationwide series of exhibitions were inspired by the exhibition in New York of the Art of Persuasion in November 2007. The New York Society of Etchers led by Stephen Fredericks has secured the same venue in New York City at The National Arts Club for the fall of 2008 for the follow-up presentation of The Art of Democracy. In San Francisco, Art Hazelwood, artist and independent curator is organizing the Bay Area effort of the exhibition at Meridian Gallery. In Chicago, The Art of Democracy exhibition will be a joint Chicago-based and New York printmakers exhibition hosted by Loyola University’s Museum of Art on Michigan Avenue.

Our hope is to inspire a handful of other interested parties around the country who will share their resources and energies for creating a positive change in American politics and domestic policy through exhibitions of their art.

The purpose of this collaboration is to promote the political and socially relevant art of artists and art organizations on a national scale during the critical period leading up to the 2008 presidential elections. The means of achieving this goal will be to encourage artists around the nation to organize exhibitions and events at this time. The national effort will work to promote these shows through a unifying title, logo, website, public relations campaign, and through the exchange of posters and prints promoting the exhibitions.

The combined efforts will amplify the message of all the art exhibitions and draw more local and national attention. There is no prescribed message for the artwork. There is no prescribed media, although the organization began among printmakers, it is not limited to that. If you want to join the effort, create your own exhibition, and plug it in to the Art of Democracy coalition contact us at: or If you have an event that is moving on parallel track we’d like to know about it as well.

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