Second issue of SLASH, 1977
Second issue of SLASH, 1977
Second issue of SLASH, 1977
Second issue of SLASH, 1977

SLASH - Second Issue
Volume One Number Two
June Issue 1977
Cover: John Denney of the Weirdos

Editorial: (Still) Bitchin', Ravin' and Rantin'!
By Claude Bessy -aka Kickboy
[reprinted by permission of Philomena Bessy]

"Oh, Los Angeles...! I am surprised that the real new wave bands scattered here and there haven't moved to more attractive locations (NY, Seattle, Boston, Toronto, anywhere!) where experiments are a part of the scene and boogie is not the only sound you can listen to on Saturday nights. And this is supposed to be the recording capital of the world! But even this city may wake up soon. There are new music concerts coming up, some of the British contigents may visit our lazy shores, and I have decided not to pack my suitcase 'til September. Let us wait and see what the summer will bring.

Speaking of status quo, we didn't know we'd be running head-on into it so soon. You see, it appears it's just not done to advertise in new publications. Especially if them publications insist on standing by what they say and refuse to wink at mediocrity. How nave of us! But there are exceptions, companies who have kept a little sense of adventure, people who can perceive what's going on a little better than their computerized colleagues, and some plain crazies who will try anything new. Hence number dos, thanks to all involved (and please remember that when you see a few words of thanks in these pages, they represent genuine gratefulness on our part and not the usual pat on the back blurbs).

But SLASH #2 is old news! SLASH #3, 4, 5 are coming, and can anyone predict what we'll be drolling about by issue #12? We're about to bring you so much excitement I don't see how you can stand it! Don't let anyone tell you everthing will soon be back to normal, by which they mean boring and depressing. Those days are over, and there soon will be alternatives to the general lameness of the scene. Who cares about the raised eyebrows and the disapproving shrugs from the reactionary elements that have been controlling parts of the field. The new music is bursting out, and contracts or no contracts, record deals or no record deals, acceptance or no acceptance, it WILL be played and heard and no matter what, we will be there, and so will you. Welcome to SLASH, the paper that doesn't take
no for an answer!

Finally, a few words of advice before we let you dive into the local and international punkdom extravaganza (okay, "new wave" for your purists): if you have just inherited, drop us a word and a check and make sure your receive the next 12 issues. Then trade in all those creaky albums you'll never play again for some NEW sounds. Who knows, boredom might even disappear!"

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