Punk Portraits
Drawing by Mark Vallen


Giclée print 15 x 18 inches.

This Giclée print is a perfect reproduction of the pencil drawing I created of Tommy Gear of the Screamers. Printed in a Limited Edition of only 150 prints, each one is hand signed and numbered by me. The image is printed on high quality Arches white paper, with a white border left around the artwork.

I created the drawing of Gear in 1979.
He played synthesizer for the Screamers, one of the most innovative and creative bands to have come out of L.A.'s punk scene. I was an avid follower and caught most of their L.A. concerts.

The Screamers possessed a sound and stage presence that almost defied description. Utilizing synthesizers and rhythm machines instead of guitars, the band's aggressive audio terrorism was highlighted by the artful theatrics, dark humor, and stage persona of their vocalist, Tomata du Plenty. Gear composed most of the songs for the band, and at times his innovations took everyone by surprise. He would program the synthesizers to play themselves, and then the entire band would walk off the stage - leaving the audience alone in the concert hall with the droning machines. L.A.'s Slash magazine (the premiere punk publication of the time), quoted Gear as having said,

"There is a definite need for Screamers music today. Anxiety, frustration and rage must be worked on constantly, underscored. Brought out in the open and positively resolved. This is what the Screamers do, our music does this, in fact that is the purpose of the group."

Giclée print - 15" x 18" $200.00