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Drawing by Mark Vallen
Drawing by Mark Vallen
Drawing by Mark Vallen
Drawing by Mark Vallen

Maggie and Eugene
L.A. WEEKLY cover art. Vallen 1980
Pencil on paper 9" x 12"

In 1980 I was asked by the L.A. WEEKLY newspaper to do an illustration for a cover story on the growing punk rock scene in Los Angeles. My drawing of Maggie and Eugene, two young punks who with their friends were living in an abandoned house in the heart of Hollywood, was published as the Weekly's front cover.

The title of the WEEKLY's cover story was This Violent Generation. It was a denunciation of the violence that was creeping into the young L.A. scene - violence introduced by young jocks and skinheads out for a weekend of punk rock fun. Despite media hype, punks were generally not violent types, but possessed an attitude hell bent on outrage, and that often earned them bad press.

Maggie went on to become lead vocalist for the band Twisted Roots, and she still lives in the L.A. area. Eugene became famous by appearing in the documentary film The Decline of Western Civilization, and through his efforts as a songwriter (penning hits for punk bands like The Chiefs and Aggression. Eugene has been a professional Folksinger for the last 20 years, traveling the globe and producing 3 albums of Folk material.
He now lives in Munich, Germany.

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