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Drawing by Mark Vallen

"Come back to haunt you."
Mark Vallen 1980
Signed Giclйe Print
10" x 14" inches - $200

This is the cover art Vallen did for the very last issue of SLASH magazine in 1980. Founded in 1977 the magazine was the very first Westcoast U.S. publication to promulgate the punk explosion.

Here's what Vallen said about his artwork:

"My drawing was a visual proclamation that the spirits of the indigenious warriors of the North American continent had come back to possess the youthful punk rebels of the U.S. The mohawked and leather clad fellow in the drawing represented those spirits. The buttons on his leather jacket read, 'Dead Kennedys, 'I Am An Enemy of the State,' and 'We Are All Prostitutes.'

The magazine introduced an unsuspecting public to the likes of the Sex Pistols, Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees and other bands hitherto unknown in the United States. L.A.'s own backyard was amply covered with reports on X, Germs, Fear, Black Flag, and many others. The last issue of SLASH featured articles on Crass and Adam and the Ants. My SLASH cover drawing was not only a political statement - it also served as a rebel fashion exclusive!"


Artwork by Mark Vallen © All rights reserved