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"Voices of Justice"
Mark Vallen 1989
Offset poster. 11" x 15" inches - $10.00

Here's what Vallen said about his artwork:

"In 1989 the Guatemalan Information Center (GIC), a human rights organization founded by a group of Guatemalan exiles living in Los Angeles, commissioned me to create this poster. Its purpose was to announce the Guatemalan Human Rights Tribunal, a public forum the GIC was planning to hold in the Council Chambers of Los Angeles City Hall on the subject of the war then raging in Guatemala.

Artwork by Mark Vallen
"I created the poster for the GIC free of charge, and the widely distributed artwork brought hundreds of people to the group's City Hall event. At the tribunal eyewitness accounts of the war were provided in testimonies from Guatemalan labor union activists, clergy, representatives of indigenous peoples, students, human rights workers, and others. The original artwork was a chalk pastel drawing that measured 3 x 5 feet. The chalk drawing was printed as the full-color, 11 x 15 inch offset poster that announced the tribunal. During the event at L.A.’s City Hall, the original chalk drawing was displayed in the City Hall Council Chambers."
Artwork by Mark Vallen © All rights reserved