Drawing by Mark Vallen
Drawing by Mark Vallen

"We are all Targets"
Mark Vallen 1999
Pencil on paper - 17" x 23" inches

Artist's statement:

"I created this drawing, titled, We are all Targets, in the midst of the U.S. air war against Yugoslavia in 1999. During the 78 day NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the people of that country, wearing target symbols - would gather on the bridges spanning the Danube river in open defiance of the NATO bombers.

The people attempted to preserve their bridges (some of which were older than the United States itself), by using their own bodies as shields. Although NATO ultimately destroyed all of the bridges that spanned the Danube in Yugoslavia, the bravery of ordinary people who put their lives on the line to save their cities inspired people around the world. The target symbol became an international antiwar icon for people across the globe.

My artwork was made into a poster for the Peace Center of Los Angeles (a community based activist organization), in order to promote the center's antiwar activities."

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