Artwork by Mark Vallen

"Not Our Children - Not Their Children"
Mark Vallen 2003
Pencil on paper - 20' x 22" inches

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Artist's statement:

"I created this drawing just as the 'Shock and Awe' U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq started in 2003, and it was circulated on the street as a flyer. My artwork was eventually published in the book, Peace Signs - The Anti-War Movement Illustrated, a collection of international artworks in opposition to the war on Iraq."

The original drawing was exhibited at San Francisco's Meridian Gallery from Sept. 4th, 2008, through Nov. 4th, 2008, during the gallery's War & Empire exhibit. The group show featured over 40 artists, including Fernando Botero, Guy Colwell, Sandow Birk, Gee Vaucher and Patrick Oliphant. is owned and operated by Mark Vallen All artworks and text by Mark Vallen.