Stuckists at CBGB’s

In the mid-1970’s punk rock was born in a dank little New York nightclub called CBGB’s. It all started when rockers like Television, the Ramones and Patti Smith launched a frontal assault on the monolith of corporate rock ‘n roll. Now another artistic revolt, Remodernism, is about to widen its offensive from the birthplace of punk. For the month of August, CBGB’s Gallery 313 will present Addressing The Shadow And Making Friends With Wild Dogs: Remodernism – the first art exhibition in America featuring work from all of the Stuckist and Remodernist groups. The Stuckists not only struggle to place figurative painting back on center stage in the world of art (an endeavor I philosophically and materially support), they’re also determined to undermine the dominant “postmodernist” school of art and its institutions – an undertaking I also champion. The Stuckists insist it’s not painting that’s become passé – it’s the lifeless and socially detached world of postmodernist art that has become outmoded. While the work of the current crop of Stuckist artists may not be to everyone’s liking, they represent a vanguard that has breached the walls of modern art, opening the way for a return to realistic painting based on contemporary experience.

On July 27th, 2005, the Tate Galleries of London rejected a gift of 160 paintings from the Stuckists valued at £500,000 (around $800,000). Director of the Tate, Sir Nicholas Serota, said “We do not feel that the work is of sufficient quality in terms of accomplishment, innovation or originality of thought to warrant preservation in perpetuity in the national collection.” Which is an interesting proclamation considering the Tate just spent £23,000 (around $39,000), to purchase for their permanent collection 30 grams of canned faeces by Italian conceptualist, Piero Manzoni. At any rate, if you’re more interested in seeing paintings than tinned merde, visit CBGB’s for what may be the rock club’s very last event. Remodernism: from August 3rd, to August 29th, 2005. The Opening Reception is Aug., 3rd, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Phone: 212-677-0455. Gallery 313 is located at 313 Bowery NYC. Click here for directions and a map.

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