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McDonald’s At The Louvre

McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s largest corporate chain of fast food hamburger restaurants and unfortunately an icon of American “culture”, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in France by opening a McDonald’s restaurant and McCafé in the Louvre museum this coming November, 2009. The U.K. Daily Telegraph confirmed the story in an October 4th article, reporting that…


BREAKING NEWS: My blog is apparently the first English language source to report the following story. The renowned Louvre Museum of Paris has cancelled its policy of free admission for artists, teachers, and foreign art students. The annulment went into effect last September after the museum’s price of admission increased by 13%, despite public disapproval….


Free Admission to American Museums!

I am sure many will favorably view French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent announcement that all museums in France will soon be free for school teachers and for visitors under 25 – but careful scrutiny of the plan should be made before praising it. This story is especially relevant to the American arts community, which fully…