The Mystery of the Aztec Crystal Skull

The crystal skull

I recently wrote an article for Xispas Magazine, the online journal of Chicano culture, art and politics. The piece, entitled Mystery of the Aztec Crystal Skull, details how modern scientists have exposed a legendary Aztec artifact as a counterfeit. Their conclusion is shocking to say the least, as anyone even remotely familiar with the art of pre-conquest Mexico has seen the sculpture featured in numerous authoritative art books and journals. Here’s an excerpt from my article.

“A report issued by a scientific team in early January, 2005, concludes the sculpture to be a fake. Professor Ian Freestone from the University of Wales at Cardiff and a former head of scientific research at the British Museum, led a team of researchers from the museum in thoroughly analyzing the artifact. Professor Freestone said that while circumstantial evidence indicates the skull was of 19th-century European origin, there was no definite proof. However, the case for the work being a counterfeit is very strong.” To learn more about the controversy, read my entire Xispas article.

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