Conrad Felixmüller
Oil on Canvas 1928

Felixmüller's painting, Zeitungsjunge (Newsboy), depicts a young newspaper boy holding a copy of AIZ (Arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung - Workers Illustrated Paper), a left-wing newspaper that was widely read by German workers. The amazing works of the anti-fascist photomontage artist, John Heartfield, regularly appeared in AIZ.

Felixmüller painted the most remarkable portraits of regular working people, and he believed it was impossible to separate art from political struggle. Using extremely bright colors and a near Cubist perspective, the works of Felixmüller were some of the most joyous in Expressionism. The painting at left is one of the artist's more stylistically subdued works.

Felixmüller lived and worked in Dresden, and belonged to the Dresdner Sezession Gruppe (Dresden Secessionist Group), He also was a member of the pro-democracy artist's organization, Novembergruppe. In 1919 the artist joined the newly formed German Communist Party (KDP) and often contributed works to the popular worker's journal, Die Aktion (Action). German playwright Carl Sternheim wrote about Felixmüller:

"Just as Van Gogh ripped the aesthetic mask from every landscape and revealed a nature - of tree, flower, water, sky, moon, and earth - that had vanished from the bourgeois world, so this Müller has unmasked the contemporary human face, and in his pictures the proletarian whom the bourgeoisie long smothered in a conspiracy of silence appears for the first time."

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