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JUNE, 2006
AT WORK: THE ART OF CALIFORNIA LABOR - Paintings by Vallen are included in this group exhibit that examines the history of California's workers and their movements, from the turn of the 20th Century to the present. Artists exhibited include, Diego Rivera, Dorothea Lange, Tina Modotti, Malaquias Montoya, and over 50 others.
MARCH, 2006
AMERICAN BEAUTIES, DIFFERENT STORIES - Artists Explore Latino Life in Los Angeles. JOHN HEARTFIELD: AGITATED IMAGES - German Photomontage at the Getty Museum.
FEBRUARY (part II,) 2006
THE NEW NORMALCY- Group exhibit on the Post 9-11 world of endless war and terror opens in Los Angeles. LA - IST INTERVIEW WITH MARK VALLEN: The artist expresses opinions on LA, political art, The Stuckists, Ed Ruscha, East LA's Self Help Graphics, and more.
DON'T TALK ABOUT RELIGION OR POLITICS - Artists Explore the Sacred & Profane. AND NOW, FOR SOMETHING NEWD - Thirteen artists consider the human figure. THE NEW NORMALCY - Artists Examine the Post 9-11 World.
BOTH SIDE OF THE BORDER - Vallen presents a slide show on socially engaged art at this major exhibit of Latin American and Chicano art. DON'T TALK ABOUT RELIGION OR POLITICS - A sneak preview of an upcoming show on religion and politics curated by Mark Vallen.
MY NATURE IS HUNGER - Vallen collaborates with famed Chicano poet, Luis J. Rodriguez. DEMISE OF DEMOCRACY? - A group show on the state of democracy in the U.S. WORKERS OF THE WORLD - Group exhibit dedicated to workers everywhere. BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER - Latin American & Chicano art.
ART TO AID HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIMS - Vallen releases a new fundraising print to benefit those living in the hurricane damaged gulf region of the U.S.
APRIL 30th, 2005
VIETNAM! VIETNAM! ARTISTS & AMERICA'S LONGEST WAR - Special newsletter written on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war.
DECEMBER (part II), 2004
THE LOUVRE FOR ALL - International protest action for art access. PAPER POLITICS - Open call to all printmakers. NEW YORK ART SHOW CENSORED - Group show shut down for political reasons. RESISTANCE DIGNITY PRIDE - New book on LA's African American Artists. BLOGOSPHERE - The IBM Museum of Art, Stencil Pirates, more!
ART FOR A CHANGE: IN THE BLOGOSPHERE - Artist Mark Vallen establishes a web log where socially conscious art, art theory, commentary, cultural criticism, and exhibit reviews are the topics at hand.
NOVEMBER (part II), 2004
DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL - Artists Mark Vallen & Poli Marichal interviewed on NBC. COMBAT ZONE - Neo-Con Comic Book Heroes to Occupy Iraq. BEMOANING MOMA - Billionaires hold art hostage. PRAXIS: CALL FOR ARTICLES - Drama for Social Transformation. GRAPHIC AGITATION II - Social/Political Graphics in the Digital Age.
THE BALLOT AND THE PALETTE - Mark Vallen's statement on the US presidential elections
POINTED VISIONS - 3 new paintings from Mark Vallen. INCONVENIENT EVIDENCE - Andy Warhol Museum shows Abu Ghraib photos. BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN 2004 - Mass public/political art in London's Trafalgar Square.
EDWARD ADAMS - Vietnam war photographer dead at 71. WAR, PEACE, & CIVIL LIBERTIES - Berkeley Art Center Group Exhibit. XISPAS - Journal of Chicano Art and Culture publishes special issue for Columbus Day.
REGIME CHANGE - 25 artists confront the state of the union. THE WPA DECADE - Social Realism of the 1930's. TAKING OUT THE TRASH - Janitor turned art critic.
THE RENAISSANCE OLD AND NEW - The 500th anniversary of Michelangelo's David. STUCKIST PUNK VICTORIAN - Re-modernism kicks post-modernism in the teeth. ART IN THE PARK - 8th annual Park La Brea art festival.
AUGUST (part II), 2004
MORE THAN A WITNESS - Closing Party for Vallen's exhibit featuring author Luis J. Rodriguez. LEON GOLUB - Rest In Peace. THE SCREAM - Edvard Munch's famous artwork stolen.
George W. Bush Coloring Book - NYC exhibit during RNC. PEACE SIGNS - The exhibit.
AUGUST, 2004
MORE THAN A WITNESS - Hiroshima Day slide lecture by Mark Vallen. IN AMERICA NOW - Political & Social issues explored in Hollywood group show. JEROME WITKIN: SITE AND INSITE - Narrative painting from a master of realism.
EZLN: IMAGES OF A MOVEMENT - Zapatista photographs at Self Help Graphics.
JULY (part II), 2004
MORE THAN A WITNESS - Vallen's retrospective opens. WHAT'S GOING ON? - Vietnam War exhibit. SID VICIOUS - Gallery displays punk rock memorabilia. OILY PORTRAITS - Art and Big Oil.
LEGACY & LEGEND - Siqueiros mural project. FRIDA KAHLO - 50th anniversary of her passing.
JULY, 2004
ABU GULAG FREEDOM PARK - Iraqi artists' message to the world. REHEARSING WITH GODS - The Bread and Puppet Theater. BRIDGES TO UNDERSTANDING - Photo exhibit at Bowers Museum. OUTRAGE AND PROVOCATION - The responsibility of artists.
MORE THAN A WITNESS - Mark Vallen's retrospective exhibit.
JUNE (part II), 2004
MORE THAN A WITNESS - Announcement for Vallen's retrospective exhibit. WILD IN THE STREETS - Vallen exhibits at Autry Museum. CALL FOR ART - Yo! What Happened to Peace? AN ALLE KUNSTLER - German Expressionism. BUY ART, BYE BUSH - Bourgeois artists find politics?
JUNE, 2004
ART UNDER ATTACK - Thugs terrorize San Francisco Art Gallery out of existence. ERNST FRIEDRICH - Krieg dem Krieg! GRAPHIC AGITATION 2 - Vallen's artwork included in new book on political graphics.
MAY, 2004
PEACE SIGNS - Vallen included in the book "The Anti-War Movement Illustrated." GEORGE CATLIN - at the Museum of the American West. BLACK PANTHERS - the historic photos of Baruch and Jones.
MARCH, 2004
INTERVIEW WITH ESTAÑO Vallen interviews the assistant artist to Siqueiros. XISPAS the journal for Xicano art and culture. ART OF RESISTANCE Political Artist's Conference in Seattle, WA.
BEHIND THE CURTAIN Sixty Years of Russian Impressionism and Soviet Realism. FREE ENTERPRISE PAINTING How the CIA supported the Abstract Expressionist movement.
WAR STORIES exhibit at the Workmen's Circle in Los Angeles. The Social Surrealism of IRVING NORMAN. Commentary - BARBARIANS AT THE GATES. Tia Chuchas exhibit announcement.
Artistas vs. The Gubernator. Special California Recall Election edition. ARNOLD GOES BANANAS! Skeletons from the closet of Mark Vallen. SACRAMENTO SHAKEDOWN. Anti-Schwarzenegger art from Graffiti Artist, Mearone.
SEPTEMBER (part II), 2003
JUAREZ PORQUE - a special day of Art for Mexico's murdered and missing Women. TREINTA - 30 Years of Chicano Printmaking & Social Justice. REQUIEM FOR WAR - the Paintings of Hans Burkhard. AT WORK - American Art about Labor from 1900 to the present. ¡REVOLUCION! -The Art of the Cuban Poster.
"¡EL GRITO! Liberation of the Spirit" Exhibit Opens! DISSENTING VIEWS - Art in the age of Terror, the latest Calendar from the War Resisters League with art by Mark Vallen, Sue Coe, Judy Chicago, Seymour Chwast, and many others.
AUGUST, 2003
¡EL GRITO! Liberation of the Spirit. Art Exhibit celebrating Mexican Independence Day. BOOK REVIEW - Philip Stein's "Siqueiros, his Life and Work." Mark Vallen's Painting, "A People Under Command" published in German magazine. Call for Art submissions to "War Stories" exhibition.
JULY, 2003
REACHING TO EMBRACE ART -working to save Art in Los Angeles Schools. CHE Y QUE - Self Help Graphics looks at Che in Pop Culture. JUST ANOTHER POSTER - historic Chicano Poster exhibit in Sacramento. THE CRY - LIBERATION OF THE SPIRIT! Group Exhibit celebrating Mexican Independence Day.
APRIL, 2003
"NOT OUR CHILDREN, NOT THEIR CHILDREN." Vallen's antiwar artwork distributed online for free in response to the bombing and invasion of Iraq.
MARCH, 2003
Vallen's PUNK PORTRAITS - Giclée Prints of famed artworks now available. 'READY FOR WAR' EXHIBITION - Illinois State University mounts antiwar show. GUERNICA AND CENSORSHIP - Vallen takes to the airwaves to denounce the U.N. censoring of Picasso's mural. WE ARE DEEPLY CONCERNED - The College Art Association adopts antiwar resolution.
Pre-war update... the United Nations censors Picasso's antiwar masterwork, GUERNICA
THE ART OF PUNK - an exhibit about the 1977 Punk explosion of Los Angeles. STUCKISM - the "Re-Modernist" Art Revolution. THE ANTI-WAR ART SHOW - the price of intervention from Korea to Iraq.

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