A stunning collection of photos taken at international antiwar demonstrations against the Iraq war.
The history of how the CIA funded the arts during the cold war period. Saunders shows how the CIA sustained Jackson Pollock and the US Abstract Expressionists.
An amazing photographic record of the Oakland Black Panther Party back in the late 1960s. The acclaimed photos are currently showing at the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica CA.
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MARKVALLEN.COM is another online gallery where you can view the latest social realist paintings, prints, and drawings by Mark Vallen.


PHILIP STEIN, also known as Estaño, was an assistant to the Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. A great artist in his own right, Estaño has a website where dozens of his paintings are on display. He also presents information about the Mexican Muralist movement in general.

DAVID ALFARO SIQUEIROS is known as one of the 20th Century's greatest muralists. In 1932 Siqueiros visited the city of Los Angeles, where he painted three murals. Two were whitewashed by the authorities, but the third survived since it was painted for an individual's home. That mural, Portrait of Mexico Today - 1932, has been moved to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art where it's part of the Museum's permanent collection. Santa Barbara Museum of Art 1130 State St., Santa Barbara. For more info, call (805) 963-4364.

LIFE OF THE PEOPLE is a collection of American artworks maintained by the Library of Congress. The archive of prints and drawings is informed by a sympathy for the condition of working people. The artworks from the 1930's and 40's present a broad spectrum of social and political issues that touched on life in urban centers and in rural areas, American labor and industry, and the experience and achievements of minority groups. Artists represented in the online collection include: Stuart Davis, Robert Minor, William Gropper, George Bellows, Pablo O'Higgins, Diego Rivera, Charles White, José Clemente Orozco, Raphael Soyer and many others.


IRVING NORMAN painted in a style he called "social surrealism." His oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings focused on the human predicament, and the works often condemned militarism, oppression, avarice, and alienation. Norman, who died in 1989, produced highly detailed paintings reminiscent of gothic stained glass windows, but he imbued his works with a profound social and political consciousness.


THE STUCKISTS are a new school of artists hell bent upon bringing the focus of art back to realistic painting. Stuckists embrace modernist and expressionist painters. so long as the artworks focus on figurative realism, no matter how primitive. Stuckist philosophy is defined as a "radical international art movement for contemporary figurative painting with ideas."


LEON KUHN is a U.K. artist who creates antiwar images. Using the technique of digital photomontage, the artist's style is somewhat reminiscent of the famous John Heartfield. Kuhn's "Mad Dog" is a viciously funny visual attack on a certain President and his English sidekick, and like most of Kuhn's vitriolic lampoons, it's an image you'll never forget. Kuhn's website sells postcards and posters of his startling images:

DOCS POPULI ARCHIVES is maintained by progressive art historian Lincoln Cushing, who was also a founding member of the San Francisco print shop collective, INK WORKS. Cushing's archive is a collection of posters created by community groups and activists from the late 1960s. This indispensible collection includes works that tackle a wide range of subjects. from international political prisoners to struggles against colonialism.

"Art is not a mirror to reflect society... but a hammer with which to shape it."
- Bertolt Brecht
This 2-CD set contains Punk, Rap, Folk, Reggae, Pop, and Salsa from a variety of musicians opposed to the Iraq war.
The remarkable antifascist artworks and writings of German artist George Grosz.
A history of punk that traces it's subversive roots. From medieval peasant uprisings and the Situationists of the 50s, to nonconformists all over the world.