Mark Vallen's Newsletter. June update '04
Art Activism & Social Change
Artworks by Mark Vallen
A R T  F O R   A  C H A N G E


1) - MORE THAN A WITNESS... Mark Vallen's upcoming solo exhibition and retrospective
2) - WILD IN THE STREETS... Vallen & Pettibone exhibit at Autry museum punk concert
3) CALL FOR ANTIWAR ART - "Yo! What Happened to Peace?"
4) - AN ALLE KUNSTLER!... (To All Artists!) Online German Expressionist exhibit updated
5) BUY ART, BYE BYE BUSH... Bourgeois artists find politics?
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"Masked" Painting by Mark Vallen



A retrospective exhibition encompassing thirty years of socially conscious artworks. The
A Shenere Velt Gallery
of the Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring in Los Angeles will be presenting the Vallen retrospective starting July 12th and running until August 26th, 2004. The Artist's Reception will be held on

Saturday July 17th, 6 - 9 pm

Read the exhibit's Press Release for full details ("Masked" Oil Painting by Vallen).

Vallen & Pettibone exhibit at
Autry Museum punk concert

The Autry National Center/Museum of the American West will be presenting as part of its summer concert series, Wild in the Streets, a punk rock extravaganza. The concert will include an exhibition of artworks by Mark Vallen and Raymond Pettibone, contributors to the original LA scene. Vallen created illustrations for the infamous Slash magazine and Pettibone created artworks for the notorious band, Black Flag.

Flyer image by Raymond Pettibone

The concert includes performances by original late 70's bands TSOL, The Dickies, D.I., and Channel 3. A local amateur band named Pour Habit will open the show. Tony Kinman from the Dils, Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks, and Dix Denney of The Weirdos will introduce the bands. Legendary LA punk scene photographer Jenny Lens, who shot photos of the Screamers, Germs, Ramones, and other notable malcontents... will project her images on a large screen.

The concert and exhibition takes place on Friday, June 18 , from 7 to 11 pm. Tickets are available by calling Ticketweb, at 866-468-3399. The Autry National Center/Museum of the American West is located at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA. (across from the Griffith Park Zoo). For more information visit the museum's website, at:

Woodcut by Poli Marichal


If you are an artist or designer who thinks that war and occupation are not solutions to the problems in the world today, then you might be interested in submitting your artwork to, Yo! What Happened to Peace? This will be an exhibition of contemporary pro-peace, anti-war & anti-occupation posters, designed to spread the message of non-violence and showcase the beauty of hand-crafted printing. Accepted submissions will be exhibited in Boston and New York in artshows scheduled for this summer's political conventions.

All submitted artworks must be hand printed... meaning silkscreen, stencil, letterpress, block print, lithograph, etc. (commercial offset or digital printing posters are not being accepted). Posters must fit the theme of peace and anti-war. July 5th is the submission deadline for the Boston and New York shows. For more details on the project, visit: , or contact show curator John Carr, at:

AN ALLE KUNSTLER! (To All Artists!) The online exhibit of German Expressionist artists located on the Art For A Change website has been updated with new images and biographical information. Large color reproductions of artworks by Gert Wollheim, Conrad Felixmuller, Max Pechstein, Curt Querner, and Christian Schad, are now on display. This exhibit presents the only information in English available for some of these important artists. You can view the works documenting the rise and fall of fascism in Germany... and the resistance to it, at:


Painting by Otto Dix
Photo  by Marilyn Minter, $4,500

BUY ART, BYE BYE BUSH... Bourgeois artists find politics?

When the apolitical intellectuals who formally condemned the mixing of art and politics as "beneath" the higher aspirations of artistic endeavor, find themselves engaged in that very project... you know that the winds of change are blowing. This coming June 29 in New York, wealthy collectors, galleries, and artists will be involved in an art auction designed to raise funds for America Coming Together and ARTS PAC, two groups that will channel monies directly to democratic candidates.

Renowned photorealist painter, Chuck Close, helped to organize the auction by soliciting donated works from fellow artists or artist's estates. Close said he didn't have a hard time gathering up works, as most feel the Bush administration is endangering civil rights and artistic freedom. The artist put it this way, "The Republican Party seems to want to be perceived as having a lock on patriotism and I think it's really a mistake for Democrats to give up the whole issue of patriotism. It's just a different notion of what it is, I think a commitment to a free and open society is the ultimate patriot act."

Artworks scheduled for auction at the fund-raiser include pieces by Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, Joseph Beuys, Alexander Calder, Jenny Holzer, Alex Katz, Claes Oldenburg, Philip Pearlstein, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Diebenkorn, Jasper Johns, Mark Rothko, Chuck Close, and dozens of other notables. Visit:

Mark Vallen's ART FOR A CHANGE website serves as a resource center for Art Activism. It encourages and promotes the creation of artworks that envision a just, peaceful world. Please inform others of this site, and forward this notice to all appropriate lists and individuals. If you wish to be added or removed from the AFC mailing list, or if you'd rather receive a text only version of this mailing... send an e-mail request to
"The ironic thing about the republicans is that while they talk about family values, all their actions work to destroy whatever shred is left of close family, or even close community in the United States. While they pay lip service to that and use it to get votes, anything they actually enact goes completely to break that down. When you live in a country like France where family and community are still very strong, you see the process of what's at work that breaks those things down. It's mostly corporate monoculture, and that's exactly what the republicans really stand for.
They don't really stand for family values." ~
Robert Crumb