Update: Free The Louvre!

The Louvre For All!

On Saturday January 15, 2005, starting at 11:30 in the morning, a huge demonstration will take place in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Parisians and international artists and art lovers will be demanding that the famous museum drop all admission charges to become a free museum. The protest organizers, “The Louvre For All”, cite the Los Angeles Getty Museum as an example of a major art museum being free and open to the public.

The protest is receiving wide support from the arts community, student groups and educators. The organizers of the protest are asking all artists, art students, teachers, and supporters of the arts… including art lovers from around the world, to join the call that the Louvre be made a free museum. Take a moment to sign the international petition to be presented to the Louvre on January 15th. Simply send an e-mail to: louvrepourtous@free.fr – indicating your last name, first name, profession, city, country, and website (if any). Visit the French language The Louvre For All website, at: http://louvrepourtous.site.voila.fr/ You can always drop that url into Altavista’s Babel Fish universal translator to find out more details in any language.

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