Punk Portraits: L.A. Punk 1977

Punk Portraits is the title I’ve given to an early body of my work documenting the original punk rock explosion in Los Angeles as it happened. Now that punk is fast approaching the 30th anniversary of its 1977 detonation, I’ve uploaded some additional artworks to my online gallery that serves as a portfolio of artworks from that period. These latest additions include my portraits of Darby Crash and Pat Smear of the Germs, a bleak urban landscape depicting Hollywood Boulevard as it appeared in 1980 near the vicinity of the city’s first punk club, The Masque, as well as one of my favorite drawings from that time, my likeness of Chris D., lead singer for the band, The Flesh Eaters.

Vallen sketched the Germs at a 1979 concert at downtown L.A.'s punk club, The Hong Kong Cafe

[ Darby Crash & Pat Smear – Vallen. Pen on paper, 1979. The Germs were one of LA’s most notorious original punk bands, and now the subject of a major motion picture, What We Do Is Secret. In 1979 I made a series of quick sketches of The Germs as they performed in LA, this particular drawing portrays lead singer Crash, and guitarist, Smear. ]


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