A World on Fire & the Uselessness of Eco-Extremism

On Oct. 27, 2003, a dozen members of the French climate-alarmist group Derniere Renovation (Final Renovation), attacked the Pyramid de Louvre, the main entryway to the world famous Louvre Museum in the heart of Paris, France.

A vandal from the eco-extremist group climbed the 71 foot glass and metal pyramid using rock climbing gear, then splashed the large diamond shaped glass panels with orange paint—the color used by climate-extremists when vandalizing museums, artworks, and governmental buildings.

The stunt was part of the eco-extremist war on art, and meant to draw attention to Derniere Renovation’s demand that the French government implement a plan of spending 12 billion euros a year to install thermal insulation in all the buildings of France. The Derniere Renovation gang surrounding the pyramid also bombarded the massive glass structure with balloons filled with orange paint. Louvre Museum security officers and Parisian police tackled, detained, and arrested the dirty dozen.

In the 1980’s, when president François Mitterrand decided the main courtyard of the Louvre needed to be redesigned to accommodate the growing crowds of daily visitors to the museum… no one could imagine an art museum suffering this kind of disrespect and despoilment. Ieoh Ming Pei (1917-2019), the famous Chinese-American architect who was chosen by Mitterrand to design the Louvre’s new entry way, would have been wide-eyed with horror. Thankfully Mr. Pei didn’t have to witness the total collapse of intellectual and artistic values.

Previously, on Oct. 26, 2023, two eco-maniacs from Just Stop Oil gave a little visit to London’s Natural History Museum. Their mission was to disrupt the museum’s exhibit Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur. On display was a full-scale replica skeleton of the largest dinosaur known to science, the Patagotitan mayorum, a plant-eating animal that was 26-feet tall, had a length of 102 ft., and weighed some 63 tons.

The replica skeleton was created with fiberglass, polyester resin, and expanding foam mounted on a steel framework. It was created by the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio (MEF), Argentina’s scientific research and exhibit center, and was on loan to London’s Natural History Museum.

Two members of Just Stop Oil, a consultant gastroenterologist named Will Stableforth and a physiotherapist named Steve Fay, used tanks of compressed air mixed with orange colored cornstarch to spray the entire replica skeleton orange—in the process they covered the entire hall with fine bright orange dust. The two then sat on the floor and unfurled a banner that read, For Health’s Sake – Just Stop Oil.

Naturally the exhibit had to be shut down. Goodness knows how much time, effort, and money it will take to clean the replica. The two vandals were arrested on “suspicion of criminal damage.”

And what was the rationale behind professional medics engaging in vandalism? Just Stop Oil wants to stop all oil and natural gas usage and government licensing of new oil and gas projects. It’s concerning that medics can display such ignorance when it comes to the use of oil and gas in the medical field.

Synthetic rubber gloves, hand sanitizers, syringes, stethoscopes, test tubes, artificial heart valves and artificial limbs contain petroleum or petrochemical derivatives. That includes CT and MRI scanners, computers, and of course life saving medicines. Even aspirin contains petroleum. What happens when oil and gas are no longer available to the medical field?

Will medics like Stableforth and Fay resort to herbal remedies in lieu of modern medical treatment? That’s the future climate-alarmists have in store for us.

The uselessness of the eco-extremist groups should be self-evident, but I’ll give you one final example.

On Sept. 17, 2023, fourteen members of the German group known as Die Letzte Generation (The Last Generation), attacked the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

They rented a mechanical lift of the type used in construction work, and used it to raise some of their members to the top of the 6 massive columns of the monument. From that position, the vandals equipped with fire extinguishers filled with bright orange paint, unleashed a deluge of paint on the historic building’s beautiful sandstone columns first erected in 1788.

The “Last Generation” vandalized Brandenburg Gate. Photo: Letzte Generation.

Last Generation vandals on the ground likewise spray painted the columns at street level. The police surrounded the area and arrested all 14 lunatics. Letzte Generation released the following statement:

“Whether with fire extinguishers, paint buckets or brushes–we will continue to paint the Brandenburg Gate orange until the socially just transition away from the use of oil, gas and coal is initiated.”

It’s not surprising that the orange paint deeply penetrated the sandstone of the 235-year-old Brandenburg Gate. Efforts to clean and restore the famous memorial are underway, but as of this writing the gate remains stained orange. The German government has announced that scaffolding will be erected around the entire building to help facilitate restoration.

It is estimated that cleaning the monument will cost at least 115,000 euros… that’s over $123,000. What the Last Generation climate-extremists did to the Brandenburg Gate, is indicative of the modus operandi of all such groups. They are nihilists who work to destroy the West.

There are frightful things occurring in the world today—fratricidal war in Ukraine, a horrifying pogrom against Israeli Jews unleased by Hamas, the rise of a new Axis that unites Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea into a potent anti-Western bloc, not to mention the growing threat of WW3 and the likelihood of atomic warfare.

You might think “activists” from groups like Derniere Renovation and Just Stop Oil would reevaluate their stratagem and refocus on the deepening peril of global war. Perhaps I’m being too harsh. After all, none other than Greta Thunberg, the “climate activist” that Time Magazine celebrated as the “Person of the Year” in 2019, stepped forward to comment on the Gaza cataclysm.

On Oct. 20, 2023, Greta Thunberg and three other “climate justice” zealots posed for a photo that showed the four holding placards expressing “solidarity with Palestine and Gaza.” This after Gaza’s Hamas terrorists launched what they called “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” against Israel on Oct. 7, 2023.

Notice the octopus plush doll to the right of Thunberg.

In the attack Hamas used paragliders, motorcycles, and trucks to send 3,000 gunmen into Israel to slaughter and incinerate upwards of 1,400 Israelis—the great majority of them innocent civilians, including children of all ages, the elderly, and the disabled. The terrorists seized 239 innocents as hostages and dragged them back to Gaza, all while firing some 2,500 rockets at Israeli towns and cities.

The premeditated rape and murder of women, the deliberate killing of children, the planned hostage taking… all are despicable crimes that have nothing to do with seeking freedom. Thunberg made no mention of this. Instead she posted her “solidarity” snapshot on her official Twitter/X account. What does Time Magazine think of their Person of the Year now?

Greta’s pic included a small octopus plush doll. The Nazis sometimes portrayed “International Jewry” as an octopus with far reaching tentacles… that is, when they were not portraying Jews as snakes, rats, and ghouls. One example is Der Polyp (The Polyp), a cartoon cover illustration for the July 1943 edition of the German magazine Lustige Blätter.

The cartoon shows a Jewish octopus controlling figures that represented China, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States—nations that comprised the “Big Four” Allies then opposing Nazi Germany. Lustige Blätter was a liberal satirical magazine founded in 1885 that aligned itself with Nazi ideology in the 1930s.

Nazi cartoon of Winston Churchill as an octopus. Circa 1940.

Another example would be the Nazi cartoon of Great Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The toon, created around 1940 by artist Josef Plank, depicted Churchill as a ravenous octopus whose tentacles gripped the world. The Star of David, symbol of Judaism, floated above Churchill’s head, inferring that the British stateman and enemy of the Nazis was a creation of the “Bolshevik Jew.” The US Library of Congress said Plank, who also signed his cartoons with the name Seppla, was “one of Germany’s leading Nazi cartoonists.”

When informed by an angry public that the octopus trope was part of the visual language used by the Nazis and other anti-Semites, Thunberg feigned innocence. She issued a non-apology, saying she “was completely unaware” of that noxious history, and was “against any type of discrimination.” She deleted her incriminating post, but uploaded an almost identical photo—this time with the octopus plush doll cropped out. The official Twitter account of the State of Israel responded with the following:

“@GretaThunberg, Hamas doesn’t use sustainable materials for their rockets which have BUTCHERED innocent Israelis. The victims of the Hamas massacre could have been your friends. Speak up.”

Thunberg told the world she “Stands with Gaza” but couldn’t be bothered to mention Shani Louk, a 23-year-old German-Israel artist who attended the Supernova music festival of October 2023. That psychedelic trance music fest celebrated “friends, love, and infinite freedom.” It was held near Kibbutz Re’im, close to the Gaza strip, and occurred during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. It was attended by around 4,000 young people—many advocated peace with the Palestinians.

The 23-year-old Shani Louk. Photo from her Instagram account.

However, during the sunrise of Oct 7, 2023, 50 Hamas terrorists from Gaza attacked the festival. Using machine guns and hand grenades they slaughtered 270 concert goers… Shani Louk was one of them.

The next day I found an Israeli Telegram account where I viewed a video made by someone in Gaza. They filmed a Hamas Pickup truck arriving from the Supernova massacre. When it stopped its tailgate was open, on the truck bed were four Hamas thugs. One held an RPG, another an AK-47. At their feet was a motionless, broken, half-naked female body lying face down on the truck bed. Her legs were impossibly bent, the bones in them must have been broken. Tattoos were on her lower legs and she wore her hair in dreadlocks.

A mob of Gazan men and boys gathered excitedly around the vehicle to view the trophy killing; everyone began shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great). A goon in the vehicle held the woman’s head by grabbing a fistful of hair, a repugnant youngster in the street leaned over the side of the truck to forcefully spit on the body. Then the truck roared off deeper into Gaza with the desecrated body and its defilers. I was left broken-hearted watching this soul crushing spectacle.

Shani Louk’s mother, Ricarda, saw the same video I watched… and recognized her beloved daughter in the back of that awful truck. That’s because Shani was eye-catching for her tattooed legs and dyed dreadlocks.

Someone cruelly told Ricarda of a rumor that Shani was alive but unconscious in an unnamed Gazan hospital, which turned out not to be true.

Shani’s death was confirmed on Oct. 30, 2023. The Israeli Defense Force found a piece of her skull in Gaza and returned it to Israel. It was examined by the Israeli search and rescue unit known as ZAKA, who verified by DNA testing that the skull fragment was Shani’s. ZAKA sent a letter to Louk’s family informing them of their findings, and Israel’s President Yitzchak Herzog announced the young woman’s death in a statement made to the German newspaper Bild. President Herzog said:

“I am truly sorry to report that we have now received news that Shani Nicole Louk has been confirmed murdered and dead. Her skull has been found. This means that these barbaric, sadistic animals simply chopped off her head as they attacked, tortured and killed Israelis. It is a great tragedy, and I extend my deepest condolences to her family.

What we saw on the Gaza-Israel border goes far beyond a pogrom. We saw a slaughterhouse. We saw the blood flowing on the streets. We have seen the most horrific tragedies imaginable.”

And Greta Thunberg along with her buddies want you to know they “Stand With Gaza.”

Perhaps Thunberg really is clueless when it comes to the wretched history of anti-Semitic propaganda and the reprehensible violence it provokes. If you acknowledge her naïveté then how can you trust her opinions regarding something as tangled and overcomplicated as the furious discord between Israelis and Palestinians.

Thunberg was obviously calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, but tell me… who called for a ceasefire when the genocidal Nazis were busy exterminating European Jewry? Who called for a ceasefire after Imperial Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

Since they are contemptuous of Western civilization and its institutions, the eco-zealots deface and vandalize the Louvre, London’s Natural History Museum, and the Brandenburg Gate.

They do so for the same reason that they target historic Western artworks and art museums; they view the West as rotten to the core—nothing more than a product of imperialism and colonialism. They prefer destruction over creativity because they are nihilists. Thunberg and company see Israel, not as the only democracy in the Middle East, but as a “settler colony” to be dismantled “from the river to the sea.”

We don’t need Greta Thunberg’s poorly informed and immature thoughts on Gaza, climate change, or anything else. The same goes for the ignoramuses of Derniere Renovation, The Last Generation, and Just Stop Oil.

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