A Studio is Born

Admirers and detractors of this blog may of late be wondering about the dearth of newly posted visuals and essays from me. Fear not intrepid readers, I suffer no lack of enthusiasm for writing about the political follies and foibles of the art world. So why the lack of posts? Has the muse left Vallen? Is he stuck in the creative doldrums, or perhaps in a temporal time distortion?

“The sunlit, airy room that shall be converted into an art studio.” Photo: Mark Vallen

In actuality I have been in the process of moving, that is, relocating my studio from an ill-managed, silverfish-infested, dilapidated hole in the wall that was abandoned to animals and lorded over by a troll-like slumlord – to a more accommodating shack in a pleasant working class district. To me, the best thing about the new address is the sunlit, airy room that shall be converted into an art studio.

Presently my wife and I have our entire lives stored in stacks of packing crates and boxes strewn throughout the abode. However, we’ll soon dig ourselves out, organize our new home, and get back to “normal,” which for me entails losing myself in the joys of art making.

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